Read these terms and conditions (together, these “Terms”) thoroughly. It implies the contract between You and Us and supervises the access and use of the service(s) and websites by you, your users, associates, and end-users.  In case of any confliction of the privacy notice and terms, the mentioned terms should predominate.

By administering or accepting the website(s) or service(s), or empowering or allowing any end-user to use the website (s) or service(s),  you are consenting to be restricted by these Terms and Conditions.

Or if you are registering to these Terms on account of your company, or some legal entity (an “Entity”), then you are complying to mentioned terms for that particular entity and showing to Us that You will compel the Entity and its Associates to the Terms, in which case the phrases, “You”, “Your” or associated capitalized phrases used within should be related to such Entity and its Associates. If you are not in accord with the terms and conditions or do not have the authority, then these terms are not meant for you.


    1. The terms and conditions are suitable in the free trial and during the subscription to your service (s) from a Service Plan of your choice.
    2. With Our Service(s): Directed to your consent with the Terms and Conditions, and entirely through the subscription Term, you have the inadequate, immeasurable, and elusive right to use and access the service (s) for the internal business objectives. You shall be liable for the control of the service (s) from your Account by some third parties. You may consent to more service (s). They may be directed to different Service Plans.
    3. With our APIs: Where relevant, the APIs should be used as per the API Policies implemented in this respect.
    4. Our Mobile Applications: Directed to your assent with the Terms and individually through the Subscription Term, You hold the restricted, immeasurable, non-transferrable, and elusive right to download, install and handle the Mobile Applications to access and process the service(s).


    1. Your Account: Subjected to any restriction on the different individual Users in the Service Plan to subscribe, access, and control the service (s) is limited to the designated Users authorized under the subscription to service(s). Any User shall be analyzed with unique login information, like, usernames and passwords.  One individual should use the User Login. If You are a trained service provider and want to practice the similar User Login in the Accounts you handle for your clients, you verify that it is you are only capable of getting required consent from those clients.Without discrimination to our commitments, you are only liable for the confidentiality of User Login and Service Data at your end.  Therefore, you should not give Login credentials with any third parties. In any case, unless you inform us of any illegal use or unusual movement in the account, you are liable for every activity that happens in your account. Without restricting the preceding, you are only accountable for assuring that your use of the service(s) to collect and send service Data is acquiescent with the relevant laws and ordinances. You also manage all liability for finding whether the service (s) or the information produced thereby is correct or adequate for your purposes.
    2. Use of the Service(s): You agree not to (a) sell, resell, license, sublicense, lease, rent, assign, transfer, share, time share or elseway commercially use or deliver the service (s) accessible to any of third party, except users and end-Users in improvement of the internal marketing purposes as expressly authorized by the Terms and conditions; (b) practice the service (s) to execute data with some third party than any end-Users; (c) change, modify, or hack the service (s) or elseway try to gain unlawful access to the service (s) or associated networks or systems ; (d) incorrectly infer any association or sponsorship with us; (e) practice the service (s) in any illegal manner, but not restricted to breach of any user’s privacy preferences; (f) practice the service (s) to transmit undesired information spam, junk mail, or other methods of unrequested or duplicative messages; (g) use the service (s) transmit or store any content that violates upon any user’s rational property rights; (h) use the service (s) in some way that conflicts with or interrupts the performance or integrity of the service (s) and its segments; (i) try to translate, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, reproduce, or copy or access or determine the source code or basic program of some software creating the service (s); (j) practice the service (s) to deliberately publish, broadcast, upload, send, link to or store some content that is illegal, discriminatory, offensive, insulting, sarcastic, filthy, or biased; (k) apply the service (s) to save or transfer some “protected health information” as that phrase except expressly allowed to record by Us; (l) manage the service (s) to intentionally post, send, link to, upload, transmit or save any malware, viruses, time bomb, Trojan horses, or some other related malicious software; (m) build a link to the websites in the manner to imply any agreement, consent or advertisement on our division where none subsists;  (n) manage the service(s) for ad exchanges, cookie tracking, data brokerages, ad networks, or transmitting electronic communications (such as e-mail) in breach of applicable law; (o) usage of the service(s) for every purpose forbidden by relevant export regulations and laws, without limitation, chemical, nuclear or biological weapons propagation, or expansion of missile technology; (p) attempt to use, or use the service(s) in breach of these terms and conditions.
    3. You should be accountable for any data loss or strived or use of the service(s) or actual access through your account in infringement of these terms and conditions.
    4. If we notify you that a defined purpose or activity is prohibited concerning the service(s), you will guarantee that you promptly discontinue the service(s) for such outlawed purpose or activity.


  1. If You choose privacy, then you will get, a user id code, password, or any other piece of information as part of Our security action, You must treat such data as confidential. You must not disclose it to any third party. We have the right to disable any user id code or password, whether chosen by You or it is allocated by Us, at any time. If in Our reasonable opinion, You have failed to adhere to any of the provisions of these Terms.
  2. Confidentiality obligations: Each of us will protect the other’s private information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure in the same manner as each of us protects our Confidential Information, no less than reasonable care. Exclude as otherwise expressly licensed pursuing these Terms, individuals of us may use the other’s Confidential Information individually to exercise our respective rights. Perform separate under these Terms and shall disclose such Confidential Information merely to those of our employees, representatives, and agents. There is an urgency to know Confidential Information for such purposes and who are bound to maintain the secrecy.

It does not mishandle such Confidential Information. The provisions of this sub-section shall replace any non-disclosure agreement by and between You and Us. As you entered before to these Terms that would be important to address the confidentiality of utilization Data, and such arbitration shall have no further effort or effect concerning Service Data.


To the fullest area allowed by relevant law, in no event will we, our directors, employees, affiliates, officers, agents, suppliers or licensors be accountable to any individual. Neither for any incidental, indirect, special, cover, punitive or resulting damages (including, without any limitation, damages for lost revenue, lost sales, lost profit lost goodwill, loss of use or lost impact, content or on business, business interruption, loss of business opportunity or loss of anticipated savings. However caused, under any theory of liability, negligence or otherwise including, without limitation, tort, warranty, contract, breach of statutory duty, even if we have been advised as to the possibility of such damages or could have likely such reparations. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, our aggregate liability and that is of our employees, agents, suppliers, affiliates, officers, and licensors, related to the service(s), it will be limited to an total amount equal to the lower of (a) the subscription charges paid by you, for the service(s) to which the claim related to previous to the first event or matter giving rise to such liability or; (b) twelve months of the subscription charges for the service(s) to which the claim relate. You admit and agree that to provide you with the rights to access and use the service(s). In accordance in section 1, we have limited our strength liability and assigned risks based on the subscription charges, that could have been substantially greater if we were to assume any ahead liability other than as set forth herein.

In jurisdictions which do not permit limitation of liability for incidental or the exclusion of implied warranties or consequential damages, our liability will restricts to the large extent that is permitted by law.

The prohibition and limitation are also apply if this remedy does not fully neutralize you for any losses or fails of its important purpose.